Loge lost in Limbo

So, on with the adventure!

After a series of traumatic rounds of combat (Loge almost died very quickly, despite setting the boar on fire twice), we managed to beat the thing, and carry on our way to the Githzerai monastery.

Part of the way there, a Dao slave ship (they’re earth-aligned Djinn, and Loge grew up around a few) almost caught the party, but we made it to the monastery gates.
The gatekeeper was an unfriendly sort, but was persuaded to give us an audience with the abbot… should we pass a test.

After a series of riddles about crime and punishment, with no real right or wrong answers, the abbot agreed to gift us with the chaos essence we needed to create an antidote for the magical poison affecting the Formians.
But then she told us that the Slaad were acting strangely too.

We knew they’d been attacking people on the Infinite Staircase, but they were also attacking people on Limbo, something they never did.

We agreed to go after one of their monk-scholars, who was investigating but hadn’t returned to the monastery.
Gifted with temporary tattoos that made Slaad see us as one of their own, we went back out into Limbo with one of the Githzerai novices guiding us.

Turns out, he was much better than the Count.

We arrived at a rainforest in the middle of Limbo, and found a couple of Slaad acting strangely. Sure enough, the Paladin cast a Detect Poison spell and the whole place lit up.
We found the lost scholar, who was also worried, explained the situation and what was happening, and what had happened on Arcadia, and then set off back to the monastery to get our antidote ingredient.

That’s when we were attacked by a blue Slaad.
And when we cliffhanger-ed again!

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