Loge barely survives Limbo

Ok, so I’m actually writing this a lot later than I normally would, so it’s entirely possible that my details are wrong.

So, a blue Slaad had just attacked the party and managed to skewer us all pretty handily.
Then he called out and summoned a couple of red Slaadi… great!

The fight was a tough one, with a good few of us going down. I think at one point I was force-fed ten Goodberries at once in order to avoid death saving throws on my turn. I know I threw up my Hexblade’s Curse and a Hex spell, and they barely lasted more than a turn each.
Of course, I did manage to paint myself as a target. As you may remember from a previous post, I’m carrying a talking book that wants to be delivered to its owner – one Hieron Lawgiver, who lives in Automata. That means I’ve been carrying around a beacon of Lawfulness across a plane of Chaos for a while, and Slaadi don’t like Lawfulness at the best of times!
Needless to say, I got downed by a red Slaad who then tore through my backpack and started trying to smash up the book.

Once we’d killed them all off (of course we would – we’re all big damn heroes!), I managed to scoop up the book and take a blue Slaad tongue as a prize. I’ll have to attempt a repair before I get to Automata, and talk to someone about some hazard pay.

Licking our wounds and commiserating our Githzerai guide – he got an arm bitten off and had his corpse unceremoniously flung off the bridge – the Count and our Githzerai Slaadi expert managed to get us back to the monastery.
We’re being rewarded with a couple of vials of raw Chaos, and we’re taking the Slaadi expert back to Sigil with some soil and water samples – we think the Slaadi are poisoned and we want to see if it’s the same problem, or some kind of inverse.

Now we just have to get back to Sigil…

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