L is for: Lagrange Stations

After ascent of the Beanstalk (or any of its rivals across the globe), the first stop is UPtown. From there, humanity is beginning to explore beyond the cradle. The first stops are the Lagrange habitats. The Lagrange habitats have been built in cooperation between the Megacorps, governments and the UN to provide humanity's first foothold in … Continue reading L is for: Lagrange Stations

K is for: Kathmandu Holdings

In recent times, it seems like Kathmandu Holdings has a stake in everything, everywhere you look, even though it doesn't have the funding of a Megacorps.   Kathmandu Holdings owns a minor share in the Beanstalk, and funded jobs for foreign workers during its construction. They now fund some production of ship parts for future … Continue reading K is for: Kathmandu Holdings

J is for: Justice Department, what is your emergency?

Whilst the Department of Justice incorporates the judiciary, punitive system and investigatory bodies, it is the latter group that makes up the bulk of the Department.   The main bulk of the Department is located in New Pacific City. From the central office, the administration of the various departments and collation of intelligence is run, … Continue reading J is for: Justice Department, what is your emergency?

I is for: Islandhopping

The territory that makes up the IICP is vast, covering many hundreds of natural and artificial islands and floating habitats, straddling the equator in the Pacific Ocean.   The capital city, New Pacific City, stands atop a partially artificial island created through decades of engineering. With the Beanstalk based to the centre of the city, … Continue reading I is for: Islandhopping

H is for: Hardware

Where information travels across the datamesh faster than the blink of an eye, something has to keep it running, something has to help interaction with the vast mass of software. Where the wetware of life's physical bodies is cheap, where injury through accident and malice is all too commonplace, something has to step in to … Continue reading H is for: Hardware

G is for: Gangs

The gangs are a constant thorn in the side of law enforcement, with unending scuffles over territory, protection rackets and drugs often escalating quickly to all out street warfare. Of course the problem's a lot worse than that.  The many vagrants that society now breeds in its youth, the loss of individuality and search for … Continue reading G is for: Gangs

F is for: the Five Dragons

The Five Dragons are five of the biggest and oldest Megacorps in existence, and each has a large presence in the Incorporated Islands of the Pacific Commonwealth. From cybernetic implants to home security security, from groceries to banking, from heavy manufacturing to global communications, the Five Dragons have a controlling stake in most areas outside of government … Continue reading F is for: the Five Dragons

E is for: EVE

For all the sanctions placed on AI research by the UN and the Bureaucracy, the IICP government makes use of an ever-evolving program codenamed EVE. Whilst in most senses not a true AI, the program, or series of programs, that makes up EVE is filled with learning algorithms, and over the last year or so … Continue reading E is for: EVE

D is for: Datawarfare

"He who controls the spice controls the universe." In a fully mesh-networked world, where huge amounts of data traverses massive networks every data, whoever controls that information has all kinds of power. And that's where the trouble starts. With so much information, knowledge and understanding of data control and handling is an important resource. From … Continue reading D is for: Datawarfare

C is for: the Church of the Machine

The Church of the Machine is the living embodiment of the term deus ex machina. They believe in the near future birth of an AI so powerful, it renders current reality moot, and heralds the start of a new age. Whilst plenty of people believe in an impending Singularity event, the Church does all it can to … Continue reading C is for: the Church of the Machine

B is for: Bureaucracy

You may have noticed that my plan to run updates throughout March hasn't gotten off to the best start. It's been a busy couple of weeks, but I'm getting back into it. Normal service resumes now!   The Bureaucracy is the official government system for the islands of the Incorporated Islands of the Pacific Commonwealth, … Continue reading B is for: Bureaucracy

A is for: Any Given Day / Access Restricted

I had a couple of different ideas of how to start off the A-Z month, but a little bit of fiction seemed like a good fit. Then I had trouble picking just the one idea to flesh out. So you get two!   "Shades." The smart blinds rolled slowly up the windows, revealing the bright … Continue reading A is for: Any Given Day / Access Restricted

A – Z March: Cyberpunk

A while ago I put together a cyberpunk setting to run in FATE, but I never really explored it beyond a couple of games. But I still have all the ideas in my head.   So, for the month of March, I'm going to try and run a post every day detailing one thing about … Continue reading A – Z March: Cyberpunk

More ideas clamouring for attention

So here's a little overview of what's currently bubbling in my head:A game set in a world where the Roswell Incident was the site of Earth's first extraterrestrial encounter, not a crash. Ship landed, aliens surveyed and encountered locals, contacted mothership and decided to stay. It is now the 70s or 80s (or now, not … Continue reading More ideas clamouring for attention

Spex and Google Glass

If you've not seen Google Glass yet (seriously, where have you been hiding), it's basically a wearable computer that uses an augmented reality (AR) overlay to show various tasks and options and things.Why is this exciting? You may recall a while ago I wrote a couple of posts about future software, designed to flow into the … Continue reading Spex and Google Glass

More future software

Going back to my future software ideas, here are a few more.Streamers - entertainment softwareThese are the programs that compile the various entertainment suites of today. Watching documentaries, listening to talk radio, Uservid feeds (think Youtube), the latest fashion idol show. They all feed into the Streamer.Using the scrobbler function of the Blackbook, and a basic … Continue reading More future software

Computer-assisted living

I've been thinking about a futuristic setting recently, and specifically about the computer programs available within it. The setting comes from a series of novels, and they're told from the point of view of a deck jockey, a computer programmer, but he makes a point that most of his job is management of various programs … Continue reading Computer-assisted living

Weekend musings

Over the weekend, I've had more than a few ideas knocking about my head. A lot of them involve the FATE RPG system and how I could apply it to various things, such as my new homebrew fantasy setting. Notable among these were how it would fit with a cyberpunk game I'm playing it and … Continue reading Weekend musings