Weekend musings

Over the weekend, I’ve had more than a few ideas knocking about my head. A lot of them involve the FATE RPG system and how I could apply it to various things, such as my new homebrew fantasy setting. Notable among these were how it would fit with a cyberpunk game I’m playing it and the world of Avatar: the Last Airbender. Googling the latter gave me more ideas since it’s been discussed a lot it seems.

However what’s been big in my mind all morning is a Middle Eastern/North African setting, partially based on Arabian myth and lots of films like Sinbad and Prince of Persia (and therefore the games too).
So far, all I’ve got is some cities by the sea, trade routes across plains and deserts, silk and gold and art. Accompanying that I’ve got an idea that any magic would be faith-based, and to perform anything like it without a grounding in prayer would be highly illegal (though it would be possible). Villains would include blood sorcerers and demonic pacts. Wizards could still fit in the setting, but likely with a faith-based magic, and would be responsible for any good-aligned magic items.
I was thinking that Jinn would perhaps be better served as playable characters, rather than making them powerful beings themselves. So the Ifrit would be stronger than a man, maybe more cunning, and I’ve a vision of them with glowing eyes and no hair. Marid would have flowing green or blue hair, having kinship with waterways and oases, and essentially wealthy being power brokers in the desert for their control over water.
Other ideas included a monkey or baboon-based group, though haven’t really thought of how they’d fit in. Nomads maybe. Ghilan, or ghuls, would be a nasty raider threat; something like gnolls and orcs, with hyena-like features, maybe with a demonic bent too. Unsure.

I’m going to develop this a bit more and try and have a think. See what other people think. So far, with a brief chat with someone, we’ve come up with giant scorpions, Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts as references and perhaps having dragons and manticores in the deep deserts and mountains. Fun times!
More soon!

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