Queenstown part 1

Over the next few days, I’m going to update reasonably regularly. I’ll be describing the various precincts and surroundings of Queenstown, former capital of the Old Crown.

For now, i’m going to do a quick rundown of the different areas.
Each precinct corresponds to a watchmen/militia jurisdiction, apart from Outwall, which has no official organised militia or watch house.

Queenstown is a reasonably prosperous port city, trading with the nearby Spice Islands, as well as the distant City of Festivals.
It has nobles and paupers, merchants and longshoremen.
It is governed by both a Senate and a coalition of powerful Guilds. The head of the city remains the Margrave, currently Thomas Hawksmoore. He is the head of the various militia forces, nominally the head of any private militias of any noble powerful enough to have one, and resides over the Senate (though he has no vote in it).

The great many people of Queenstown have a dunnish complexion, with darker hair the norm.

The precincts of Queenstown are:
Central or Palace Precinct
Temple Precinct
Noble Estates
Zocalo and Rialto (usually called ‘The Markets’)
Docks and Portside

As previously mentioned, Outwall has no organised militia. It is the home of the poorest in the area, and clusters outside the gates and around the high stone walls of the city. In some places, it extends some way away from the city’s edge.

More on a couple of these districts, including people and places, either tomorrow or Wednesday.

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