More Dresden

Another week and another adventure in Nevermore Baltimore. This time things got a little more interesting.
A new player joined us, setting himself up as a new priest in town. I spent my time looking for faeries and any and all information on them.
Mexican sorcerer knew about them, had talked to them, and we somehow ended up in the Nevernever.
Then we ran in to the local Warden, also in search of information on what was ‘awakening’ in Baltimore.

Sidenote: Is it possible for someone to get addicted to using the Sight? I’ve been using it far too often really, checking out the priest, his chapel, a Winter Court fae, the Warden (he stepped in front of the Winter Court lady), and then a little pixie wildfae who may or may not have been the Erlking in disguise.

Did get to rescue the Warden from the clutches of scary fae though. Maybe one day I’ll escape the Doom of Damocles for that, right? … Right?

Meanwhile, the former gang member Lycanthrope and mortal met up for the first time in a while, and more scary stuff happened.
Next week: we’ll probably investigate ‘the Blight’ since it seems to be awakening, work out how it’s connected to the mortal J.C. (and his magic grandpa!) and maybe teach the sorcerer some English. I don’t hold much hope for the last one though.

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