For lack of a better post

I had hoped I would be able to keep updating to this new blog without slowing down or missing opportunities, or not having much to say. Sadly, it seems I'm not in the most creative mood recently. I'm moving house in the next couple of weeks, so maybe the fresh scenery will encourage me. Hopefully … Continue reading For lack of a better post

Guest starring the Priest

The Priest made his first appearance in a long while to our weekly game, so here's a brief overview of what happened.The Mortal was in The Bar, along with the Tanninomancer, despite their history of not getting along. The Priest walked in, having felt an impending doom. He recognises the Mortal from many many months … Continue reading Guest starring the Priest

Dresden Update

So what's happening in the Dresden game?The Lycanthrope is out of town, trying to track down someone named Sharkey. The Mayor has meanwhile made his presence, and corruption, known to the Mortal.The Apprentice has repaired the stuffed rabbit that may or may not still contain the ghost of the old necromancer. She has also apologised … Continue reading Dresden Update

New Year, New Dresden Files Campaign

It's the new year, so we began a new story arc in our Dresden Files characters' lives.First up, the underhanded criminal duo, the Mortal and the Lycanthrope, have become fine upstanding businessmen, owning several nightclubs and bars. Although, they do of course have a side dealing in supplying places they don't own with narcotics of … Continue reading New Year, New Dresden Files Campaign

Wrapping up the Dresden Files from before the winter break

Ok, so I've gotten a little lax with posting this past little while. Blame a whole slew of things, but mostly Skyrim. It's been far too long to write a detailed account of what exactly happened, but I can detail it with some obvious highlights.The Mexican got a lot closer to the horrorific wildfae Bill … Continue reading Wrapping up the Dresden Files from before the winter break

Wednesday Dresdnesday

Yes, I mispelt the title on purpose! This week a very interesting time was had in Nevermore. Also, mildly scary. I'll begin with the new character, who had to leave early and didn't get to interact with the rest of the group. We shall call him Mr Demon. Guess what he does? Mr Demon works … Continue reading Wednesday Dresdnesday

Yet more Dresden

I'm a bit behind on collecting together my thoughts, but here's the recap of Wednesday's session.Crazy Mexican sorcerer attends the Priest's first mass in his new chapel. It does not go well for the mostly elderly congregation, as their hearing aids cease to function due to hexing. Priest is most unimpressed, but after mass gets … Continue reading Yet more Dresden

More Dresden

Another week and another adventure in Nevermore Baltimore. This time things got a little more interesting.A new player joined us, setting himself up as a new priest in town. I spent my time looking for faeries and any and all information on them.Mexican sorcerer knew about them, had talked to them, and we somehow ended … Continue reading More Dresden

Dresden Files: My first impressions of FATE

Today I finally got to use the FUDGE dice I ordered a few months ago when I sat down to my first game of Dresden Files.The setting is based on that presented in the books by Jim Butcher, namely a modern fantasy incorporating modern city folk, some film noir tropes, and magic both fun and … Continue reading Dresden Files: My first impressions of FATE