Wrapping up the Dresden Files from before the winter break

Ok, so I’ve gotten a little lax with posting this past little while. Blame a whole slew of things, but mostly Skyrim. It’s been far too long to write a detailed account of what exactly happened, but I can detail it with some obvious highlights.

The Mexican got a lot closer to the horrorific wildfae Bill the Babykiller. He managed to kidnap a police officer, who was tortured and flayed, and possibly made into a bed of some kind, which the Mexican was fine to sleep in. His home became the Nevernever, specifically Bill’s little glade of nasty. At one point, looking at him in the Sight, he was seen carrying a dead baby. He managed to accidentally kill some children at an ICU at a hospital because of his magic hexing the technology keeping them alive. This was enough for Bill to give him some formed of Sponsorship…

The Ectomancer was able to bind the ghost of a ancient wizard (a necromancer we took to calling Sir Rothbert of Bainbridge, because why not?) Sadly, she bound him to a cuddly toy bunny rabbit. She was paid a large sum of money to introduce the bunny rabbit to Walter, which obviously did not end up in our best interests.

The Mexican was shot and beaten inside a Church by the Mortal and Lycanthrope. It being a full moon (we had been keeping track), the Lycanthrope more or less melded the Mexican’s face with the floor. His player immediately drew up a new character, who I shall be calling the Tanninomancer (all her powers came from tea).

Other than witness the death of the Mexican, the Priest only really managed to get drunk with Clint the Ferromancer. He briefly met the rest of the Baltimore ‘God Squad’, but didn’t understand why a Catholic priest was actively working with a Rabbi and an Imam.

My Cryomancer got himself a cold iron gauntlet from Clint. He then managed to get an athamé dagger made out of the stuff too. The Ectomancer had Clint craft full armour for her from the stuff.

The Warden was found shot through the head outside the bar. His cloak, sword and staff were collected by another Warden a few hours later. My Cryomancer had by this time taken any other items from about his person.

The Ectomancer was being schooled in basics of magic by Bunnybridge (see why he might have turned against us?) He also kept trying to get her to read his book (the same book which was responsible for the Doom hanging over the Cryomancer). The Mortal did find an original copy of Bunnybridge’s book on Craigslist, but touching it caused uncontrollable fear and he shot it several times (the pages have subsequently healed. They are made of skin after all…) The Ectomancer’s soul in the Sight is starting to show signs of tentacles…

The Lycanthrope and Mortal stole a boat. They had their faces changed several times, notably the Mortal wandered around looking like the Warden briefly, before they became Jake and Elwood Blues. The Mortal’s magic grandfather, an old Indian medicine man, did not approve of his ‘wearing the white devil’s skin’. Somehow, they’ve managed to retain the boat by moving it to a swimming pool (that Lycanthrope is very strong).

Walter invited all the magic practitioners in town to a little meeting, gave the standard ‘join me or die’ speech, then detonated several devices across the city, causing havoc. It became apparent that Walter and the Blight were co-existing because in the Sight, he was two people.

After spending time working on a ritual, my Cryomancer managed to speak to a leyline. This wasn’t a good idea, since he then managed to form a pact with the biggest leyline in town, and barely came out of the deal retaining his humanity.

Walter was summarily defeated with several gunshots, wild punches from a very angry Lycanthrope, and an eventual punt of the box containing the Blight spirit into the Nevernever.

The Mortal is currently reading some basic magical textbooks. He is enjoying them much more than Bunnybridge’s book, since they don’t scare him when he touches them, and they’re made of paper.
The Mortal and the Lycanthrope have taken over the reins of Walter’s gang. We’ll see how well that works out for the ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ duo.
The Cryomancer is now upgraded, and since he’s now labeled as the White Champion of Baltimore (powered by the leylines of the city), I’ll refer to him in future posts as the White Champion. I suspect the GM may introduce a Black Champion after I suggested that such a thing could exist.
The Ectomancer is now known as Bainbridge’s Apprentice, so I might refer to her as the Apprentice. There’s nothing scary and forboding and Star Wars-y about that, after all…

And that’s about it I think. I’m sure people will find things to add that I’ve forgotten.

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