More on Sands of FATE

My current design name seems to be Sands of FATE but I think I might have to change that, given how close it is to Strands of Fate.
Whilst I’m working on how the powers/magic might work, I’m doing some more design work on the setting itself. I thought about using Islam itself, but realised that, given I have very little knowledge on the subject, it might be best to change it and have a pervasive religion that is very heavily based upon Islam, but is not Islam itself. Whether this is more offensive than getting important details of a real world religion wrong, I can’t really say. So feedback on that appreciated, as always.

In days past, when the world was young, the peoples of the world worshiped many different gods, spirits and idols. Whether these were different understandings of the true nature of Elohim, the Hand of Fate, or whether they were the machinations of evil Daeva or misguided men, we cannot say.
What we know as truth is that the Prophetess Mursaliah, may she be praised, was visited by the Wardens of the Most Benevolent, and gifted with the words of the Qitab. Within those words were the methods by which all, both man and jinn, could live a good life, and go on to an eternity in paradise.
As one, people from the Great Garden City to the City of Waves embraced the teachings of the Qitab, knowing its words to be the true path to the Almighty Elohim.

Those that chose not to follow the true path were cast out from society, but still managed to survive in many ways. Those men that made pacts with the Daeva are believed to have been the forefathers of the Shaitan, the men with horns, arcanists, conjurers, necromancers. Those jinn who gave in to the urges of the Qareen, the voice that whispers corruption, became the Ghilan, evil shape-changing eaters of rotted flesh.

Whilst the Qitab continues to guide the Followers of the True Path, the Qareen continues to whisper to the hearts of men and jinn alike. It is only through prayer and pilgrimage that one can follow in the footsteps of the Prophetess. With the guidance of the current Calipha, all the peoples of the known world seek to better themselves and achieve an eternal paradise.

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