A is for: Arcanists

After years of quiet and careful study, Arcanists are able to manipulate magikal energy.

Focusing upon the study of rituals and ancient, half-understood techniques, each Arcanist is eventually able to tap into the raw power of one of the two purest elements known – Light and Dark. Only the most legendary Arcanists has ever been able to manipulate both elements.

The element of Light encompasses light itself, as well as some control of heat and sound.

The element of Dark is the antithesis, giving control of shadows and the cold as well as the deadening of sound.

With enough practice, an Arcanist can conjure the elements to such a degree that even a carefully imagined ritual has some magikal power. By this method, Arcanists are able to use their magik at a moments notice should the need arise, though most prefer the slow and careful ritual.

Should an element be invoked incorrectly, all manner of disasters can occur. Often an Arcanist will make use of various ritual implements, and over time these may become imbued with an elemental nature.

Implements can include staves, wands, candles, ritual circles and inscriptions, as well as various charms, jewels and other ornaments.

Sometimes Arcanists will have some Witchblood in them, and this can be a great source of power to them. Many Arcanists are wary of this ability and will not train a Witchblooded apprentice. The last known wielder of both Witchblood and an understanding of both elements destroyed the many Kingdoms of Istan in a great ritual that Ascended him to godhood as the Storm.

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