Ideas for altering 5e’s Inspiration mechanic

There's a lot of other takes on Inspiration out there, and when to award it and so on. I've been toying with the below in my head for a while. Advantage on a die roll is nice, but having it to use for other things would be good too. 1. I know a guyI think … Continue reading Ideas for altering 5e’s Inspiration mechanic

Kickstarter – a look at

In something of a first for me, I have to point out at the start here that I've been paid to talk about this Kickstarter project by its creator, but I was assured that I could write what I liked about it, criticisms and all.So, yeah, I guess you can keep that in mind if … Continue reading Kickstarter – a look at

Revisiting mechanics – Skill challenges in 5e downtime

Readers may remember my recent post about missing mechanics in 5e - specifically those covering social interactions and exploration. I had several ideas built for the post, then scrapped them in favour of a general outline.This post takes a good bit of what I'd already written for downtime and skill challenges, and changes a few … Continue reading Revisiting mechanics – Skill challenges in 5e downtime

Frostpunk – a game of twenty questions

I was digging around on Dungeons and Possums again, and came across a post that references one from Jeff Rients back in 2011.Now, whatever you think of Jeff Rients (I'm no real fan based on certain views), I think these questions will be useful to flesh out some details in my newer homebrew settings. So, … Continue reading Frostpunk – a game of twenty questions

RPGaDay 2020 prompt 25 – Lever

I guess I could talk about the Leverage RPG? I picked it up for free of DrivethruRPG a few years ago I think. Maybe it was a Halloween freebie? (It seems to be gone from DrivethruRPG, so have a nice article about it instead)I heard recently they're bringing it back to TV after eight years … Continue reading RPGaDay 2020 prompt 25 – Lever

Ability Modifiers from Class and Background

There's been a lot of talk about this all over the place for a while now.Here are my current ideas of how I'd like to make the removal of racial ability modifiers work. I'm replacing 'race' here with 'ilk'. Even if you don't agree with the idea, please understand that the word 'race' carries all … Continue reading Ability Modifiers from Class and Background

Dungeons and Dragons Session Zero for 2020

I brought this up a couple of times during the RPGaDay 2019 prompts, but I need to actively plan my next DM session zero, whenever it might be, and think about what I want to bring to it. First and foremost, let's talk about the big topic going around at the moment - fantasy races.I … Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons Session Zero for 2020

Planescape IV – draft rules for Factions part 2 – Doomguard

Time for one of the longest posts I've written! OK, so let's design some new Faction rules.We'll start with a look at the Doomguard, because I think this one is pretty easy - when we look at the rules from the Planescape Boxed set anyway. Eligibility: All races and alignments accepted - but not clerics … Continue reading Planescape IV – draft rules for Factions part 2 – Doomguard

Another new D&D setting – Cambria

So I was browsing through Pinterest the other day and a few things caught my eye, and then I was brought back to thinking about an old setting I had come up with during 3rd Edition. Originally a post-apocalyptic steampunk setting with jungles and tall ruined stone towers and airships, I think I managed to … Continue reading Another new D&D setting – Cambria

Classes of the Ginnungagap

I've been reading around what other people have worked into sci-fi D&D rules around the internet, and I'll be pinching and tweaking and fiddling as I go. A good portion of what I'm working with comes from Fifth Age, though I'm going for a lasers and sorcery setting so there's the thorny issue of magic … Continue reading Classes of the Ginnungagap

Worlds of the Ginnungagap

Sköll - The star at the center of the system. Having knocked out system-wide communication on more than one occasion due to large solar flares, the word became a synonym for 'treachery', due to being both a life-giver and life-stealer. Midgard - Now home to all races, this world was once the sole domain of men, excepting … Continue reading Worlds of the Ginnungagap

More Space Viking Nonsense

Well, I've bought myself a cheap USB keyboard and I can actually write these posts easily again!, so I've started pulling the various strands together, and tried to collate something that could actually play. The biggest issue that I currently have is that I'm really enjoying the setting and how it's forming, and whilst I have some … Continue reading More Space Viking Nonsense

Vikings! An Update

My great habits of updating often have suddenly fallen by the wayside. I'm claiming it's because of only having a semi-functional keyboard, but I could still use the phone or my tablet (as I am now)  if I really wanted to. I've been very slowly thinking about the space viking game. I've had a rethink … Continue reading Vikings! An Update


I've been thinking a lot lately about a Viking-styled d&d game, and I've come up with a few ideas. However, since I've also been playing a lot of Mass Effect, been reading some of Marvel's Battle world stuff and thinking about the Thor Corps, AND partly inspired by the article over on the D&D website, … Continue reading Vikings… IN SPAAAAAACE!

Y is for: Yaninda

The known world, the realm of mortals, is not the only part of existence. The spirits live on an adjacent place, a place that some few are able to pierce through to with magikal power. These world's beside the realm of mortals are known as Yaninda. Ancient legends speak of such places, such as the … Continue reading Y is for: Yaninda

X is for: Xeito

A great many secret societies inhabit Queenstown, and most claim to know the hidden secrets of Ascension. Members must follow instructions to attain levels of being that allow them to Ascend as gods, and the various different methods or oaths are known as the Xeito. So far, there is no direct evidence that following the … Continue reading X is for: Xeito

W is for: Witchblood

In the Old Crown, those touched by a lineage of magikal power are known as Witchbloods. Whilst hereditary, sometimes the witchblood skips generations only to appear again. Long ago, the natural order of the world brought forth individuals who had innate magikal abilities. Some speculate it may have been caused by interference by the legendary … Continue reading W is for: Witchblood

V is for: the Valley of Faces

The most sacred site to the various Gargant tribes, the Valley of Faces is the closest thing to a capital that they have. Located high in the mountains, the Valley and it's approaches are the only neutral ground held by the various Gargant tribes. It is here that all Gargants come on a pilgrimage the … Continue reading V is for: the Valley of Faces

U is for: Utari militia

The Utari militia  are the standing military forces of the Old Crown. The Utari date back to before the conquest of the Moorish, when the main ship used by the escapees from Istan was called an Utar. As each of the ships' captains was responsible for his or her own crew, the Utari also became … Continue reading U is for: Utari militia

T is for: the Tiles

The tiles are used in all manner of games, for fun and for stakes. They are popular with children and adults of all levels of society, and the only differences found are in the quality of the tiles and the types of games played. The tiles have a long history, going back to old Istan. … Continue reading T is for: the Tiles