Worlds of the Ginnungagap

Sköll –

The star at the center of the system. Having knocked out system-wide communication on more than one occasion due to large solar flares, the word became a synonym for ‘treachery’, due to being both a life-giver and life-stealer.

Midgard –

Now home to all races, this world was once the sole domain of men, excepting the avatars of the gods themselves. One of the largest worlds of the Aesir dominion, the World Tree Yggdrasill is rooted here.

Various Jarls contest the landmass and sail the seas, and a handful manage to be elected as High Kings of some domains.

Encircling the world, far from the reaches of Yggdrasill, lies Jormugandr. A bio-station crafted from genestock of various native sea megafauna, the station was once home to a thriving society.

Orbiting Midgard is the moon Hati.

Asgard  and Vanaheim –

When the Aesir first arrived in the star system, they found the great gas giant Ymir, and its many moons.

One of the moons, that would come to be known as Vanaheim, supported life. The Vanir were an advanced race, but had never expanded further than other local moons. Whilst at first there was war, as the two powers fought over resources, eventually a peace held the two together, and allowed them both to expand to the rest of the system.

Niddavalir –

The many small riocky worlds of the dvergar span a belt across the middle of the system. The dvergar are masters of small space vehicles, mining colonies and precious minerals. Their home Niddavalir is a small planet now covered in sprawling industry, even extending out into the Ginnungagap.

Aelfheim and Svartaelfheim –

One world of the system is tidally locked to the central star, one side in permanent light and the other in darkness. It was on this world that the Aelfr first lived.

From a great crater city on the side of light, the Aelfr carved out an empire stretching halfway across the world. Their great city surrounded a root of Yggdrasill, and the great Bifrost could carry them out into the rest of the system.

The Svartaelfr dwelt in the cold and the dark on the opposite side of the world. Their capital was the Night City, where their Queen sat on a sparkling silver throne. The city and throne still stand, though now they are the crime capital of the system, and the most feared criminal sits upon the silver frame.

Hel and Niflheim –

The cold worlds of Hel and Niflheim are far from the center of the system, their surfaces barely receiving any light from the central star. They orbit each other as a binary.

The so-called land of the dead, Hel is a dumping ground for scrapped tech, including old cybernetic implants, biogenic experiments and failed weapons of war. A desolate and frozen wasteland, only the hardiest of scavenger tribes make their home here.

Niflheim is a virtual prison of the most dangerous criminals and monstrous genehacked aberrations. A constant vigil is held on the world by the Aesir.

Jotunheim –

The ice giants of Jotunheim were expelled from their inner system colonies by the Aesir and Vanir after their conquest of the system. They were forced to flee out to the asteroids of the system’s comet cloud. Sometimes they will ride one of the comets as it flies into the inner system, seeking to attack their ancient enemies.

Muspelheim –

The hottest world of the system, barely outside the corona of the Sköll, Muspelheim is the home of fire giants and demons, genehacked for survival in the extreme temperatures and radiation.

Issues of mortality aside, legend claims the ancient giant king Surtr still sits upon Muspelheim plotting revenge, reuniting with his ice giant brethren and attacking the gods themselves.

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