Redux! Worlds of the Ginnungagap

How soon is too soon for a retcon? NEVER! I was unhappy with the cosmology I’d created, so I’ve tweaked it a little bit, and it should be a better fit for how I want the game to be set up. I actually started writing this a couple of days after my last post, but I’ve been busy with various bits and pieces, so now going to try and get back into the blogging.

Nine star systems make up the Ósr Combine, a pact of various governing bodies under one dominion. The Combine came into being following the long war between the two tribes of gods, the Aesir and Vanir, and an even longer peace process.

The two formed a united front, and absorbed several nearby star systems into their dominion, eventually populating them with races they had created.

Systems of the Ósr Combine:

Midgard –

The original home system of humans, Midgard boasts impressive resources, and is generally regarded as a garden world. An Yggdrasill space elevator stands on the world of Midgard itself, whilst high above orbits a vast ring bio-construction, genehacked together from various ocean megafauna. The resulting living spaceport is called Jormungandr.

Asgard –

The Asgard system is the home of the two factions of gods, along with several other planets and stations. Asaheim and Vanaheim are both labelled garden worlds, home to countless mortals and the gods themselves. Elsewhere in the system is the great gas giant Ymir, its many moons, and several stations extracting resources from all of them.

Aelfheim –

Birthplace of the light elves, Aelfheim orbits too close to its star to be classed as perfect for life, and most inhabitants homestead in the deeper craters. Much of the surface is a wild desert, though some scrubland and large salty lakes also make up the surface.

Niddavalir –

The Dvergar make their living mining out the rocky dwarf worlds of this dark star system. With barely a pinpoint of light visible at event he nearest orbit, the Svirfneblin and Niflungr are also at home here.

Extensive complexes fill some of the oldest claims, with some rocks better described as floating cities, more artificial space station than quarried rock.

Hel –

The quiet, cold system of Hel is a vast dumping ground for scrapped technologies, including old cybernetic implants, biogenic experiments and failed weapons of war. With only a couple of rocky worlds orbiting far from the core of the system, only the hardiest nomadic scavengers make their homes here.

Niflheim –

This system has several high security prison facilities and constant patrols by Combine forces. The heightened security protects the other worlds of the Combine from several incredibly dangerous criminals and genehacked aberrations imprisoned here.

Svartaelfheim –

There is very little light in the Svartaelfheim system excepting what is artificially created. A cold brown dwarf is orbited by various constructed habitats, the largest of which is the central hub of Night City. Once the capital of the Svartaelfr and a hub of trade activity, in recent decades Night City has become the capital for crime in the Ósr Combine.

The gangs of Night City, and their agents in other systems, are still presided over by whomever claims the silvered throne at the center of the complex, though some say the Aelfr plot to take it back.

Jotunheim –

Over the three ancient enemies of the Aesir, only two remain outside the Combine itself. Following alliance and assimilation of the Vanir, the Jotun and their cousins became one of the most hated enemies of the Combine.

The Jotun are huge creatures, able to survive in the comet clouds of all the systems of the Combine, as well as the colder worlds of the inner systems. Their home is one of mostly cold, rocky worlds around a dim star, dwarfed by the gas giant Mimir. The Combine presence here is minimal, save for watching Jotun movements.

Muspelheim –

Similar in many ways to the Jotun, the gigantic creatures of Muspelheim are the other great enemy of the Ósr Combine.

Whilst the Jotun prefer the cold of the outer system, their counterparts in Muspelheim thrive among the hot worlds held in close orbit around a binary star.

Ancient legends say that their leader, Surtr, long ago vanquished by the Aesir, will one day rise again from Muspelheim and threaten all of the Combine. For this reason, as well as a long-standing alliance with the Jotun, a steady vigilance is held on all of the Muspelheim system.

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