U is for: Utari militia

The Utari militia  are the standing military forces of the Old Crown.

The Utari date back to before the conquest of the Moorish, when the main ship used by the escapees from Istan was called an Utar.
As each of the ships’ captains was responsible for his or her own crew, the Utari also became the standard military unit during the conquest. Subsequently, as the commanders and captains were given pockets of land and titles, they kept their militia as personal guards and general staff as much as a mark of prestige as a possible readiness for any retribution from the Moorish or future attack by another power.

The modern Utari are less likely to be commanded by a member of the Noble Household which they serve, although  in theory the head of the unit is still the head if the House. Many are instead commanded by an Adwar (the old Istani for ship’s captain), along with several Thanir that command individual squads of militia (Thanir being the old Istani for a longboat).
The lowest rank, the Padir, can generally expect a promotion after a few years of service, though many drift from the Utari in that time.
Generally speaking, each Utari has a handful of Thanir commanding up to ten militia each.

As the fruits of position wax and wane with the nobles, so too does the size of their militia force. Whilst originally they would have been able to crew only one old Istani ship, many of the larger Utari would have enough members for several, commanded by dozens of Thanir, whilst smallest could barely have provided a skeleton crew, and often makes do without the Thanir rank.

Whilst expected to uphold the peace, and to take orders from Wardens in the pursuit of doing so, many Utari are a law unto themselves. Many is the smart Adwar who has one Thanir keep a close watch on the squad of another, if only to make sure that any breaches of the peace are quickly quietened, and the name of the House not brought into disrepute.
On the longest day of the year, the Utari parade through the streets of Queenstown in full dress uniform. The event is generally welcomed by the crowds, if only so they can keep an eye on some of the trouble makers as they pass by.

Example Utari:

Lord Protector’s Own
The Northwood Regulars
The Northwood Auxiliaries
Lady Raethmoor’s Irregulars
The Ironroad Mounted
Lady Redwood’s Scarlets
Silverhill’s Guard

The Guild has its own militia force, generally tasked with the guarding of Guild properties or caravans. The laws of Queenstown specifically forbid the Guild militia from carrying bladed weapons within the city walls, so they generally carry maces or short staves.
The law is easy enough for the Guild to subvert by hiring a sellsword, for whom no such prohibition is made. Often these are former Padir of one House or other.

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