A-z month almost finished

Coming into the home stretch with my A-z month, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

I’ve had most of the letter planned out since the start of the month, but changed a few of them as I got to them – if I’m not in the mood to write o  a certain topic, I have too much trouble actually committing and getting it done. Which is very annoying sometimes, but if you can’t enjoy writing your own blog then why bother?

In other news, it’s been a good month now since I got to actually play anything, due to various commitments from the group. I’m eager to jump in with my freshly-levelled Cleric and really see what I can do with him now. Feels like I’ve hit a sweet spot with the character concept, but can’t tell unless I actually get to play!

I’m thinking about other ideas for the next few months on the blog, and I might revisit the a-z idea later in the year with a different setting (or even a couple, but not so set on that yet).

It’s been really great to play around in different parts of the Old Crown that I haven’t had much chance to think about yet.
I’m really wishing the setting had been this full-formed a few years ago when I could probably organise a game at the drop of a hat if I really wanted to.
But then, with all the changes it’s taken in the last few years that would have been a very different setting.

More tomorrow: U is for…

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