A – Z… April?

Ok, so I found out about the A-Z April thing a couple of weeks too late. How do I remedy this situation?

Easy: I just have to do it in May!

So, starting on May 1st and hopefully running every day through the month except Sundays, I shall be throwing up SOMETHING onto the blog, and aiming to theme it around a letter.

I’m still working out what exactly I’ll be doing. Stick purely with roleplaying, through in some fiction, entirely focus on my homebrew fantasy setting, etc etc. Currently, I’m thinking of throwing something up about the setting, and maybe even trying to throw something up on Sundays that isn’t part of the challenge! (Shush, it could happen!)

I’m still having a few issues with the language use in the setting, but I think that will probably come through in some of the posts.

Wish me luck!

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