Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Cambria

Hundred of years ago, the world had become a thriving metropolis powered by arcane energies.
But of course, arcane energies are chaotic and hard to control. Eventually something went incredibly wrong, and the world was plunged into a dark age.

Today, the cityscape is a ruin, with few remaining towers becoming the bustling trade hubs. The Church keeps the peace, policing and quashing arcane ability with its Inquisition.

New scientific innovations that avoid the arcane power sources of legend have begun to be developed, and powerful psychic abilities have arisen in the place of arcane forces.
Though arcane energies are chaotic and hard to control, so even the Inquisition isn’t able to quash them all.

Cambria is a D&D setting featuring psionics and steampunk element with a focus on exploration of a ruined world in the face of adversity.

From the traditional races of Elves, Halflings and Dwarves to the more exotic Tabaxi, Kenku and Aarakocra, players can create swashbuckling skypirates, ruin-raiding soul-knives, or misunderstood techno-wizards.

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