Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Ostromarka

Legend says the Wastes were created in only one night, when arcane rituals and dead gods warred over those lands once known as the Satrapies.
Today, the far eastern edge of the Empire is the Ostromarka, the last part of civilisation before the demon-infested Wastes, eager to swallow up the brave and the stupid.

The city of Theudengard sits at the edge of the Ostromarka. Adventurers and idiots from across the Empire leave the safety of the city to head eastwards, where untold danger frequently guards untold riches.
Theudengard is not a safe place – dark streets and gutter brawls, petty wars of the Grafs in the palace, waves of monsters rampaging out of the Wastes do not make for a happy home.
But it’s safer than some places, and short lives can still be happy and relatively painless.

Ostromarka is a gritty fantasy setting for 5E D&D, with influences from Old School Revival and Eldritch Horror.

Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Half-Elves and Halflings are the most common race – everything else is usually killed on sight as some kind of Wastes-damned beast.

Caution advised – sanity checks, body horror and brutal, lasting consequences for characters are present.

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