Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Ginnungagap

The many atmosphere processing plants have mysteriously shut down, and without them the air of Midgard is quickly becoming colder. In the past, the gods or their representatives would have arrived to repair the ancient mechanisms in short order.

None have arrived this time.

The age of the Fimbulwinter has come. The gods have grown quiet, and the world of Midgard begins to grow cold.

Once again, the air of winter has dragged into spring, with little sign of any warming. Crops have perished in short order, and reserves continue to run lower and lower. The various Jarls have made war upon each other for several cold summers, but with no outcome save minor trinkets and long, petty feuds.

Now the people of Sigurdsheim have elected some of their number to investigate the nearest of the atmosphere processors and report their findings back to the Jarl.

Ginnungagap is a soft science fiction setting for 5e D&D featuring lasers and spaceships, warriors and wizards, drawing heavily upon Norse mythology for setting.

Character races include Aelfr and Aelfblod (elves and half-elves), Dvergr and Dvergblod (dwarves and half-dwarves), Trolblod, Niflingr and Hrafnr (Ravenfolk), and character classes include Engineers, Einherjar, Gunslingers and Technomages.
Magic comes from manipulation of the Mesh, the ever-present data-network.

Optional rules for Honour, firearms and advanced firearms, and the Unearthed Arcana rules for Modern/Sci-Fi settings.

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