How to DM IV – Start small

So you've decided that none of the published adventures are what you want to run, and you want to build your own world. Congratulations! You're a homebrewing Dungeon Master / Game Master! There's several ways to build a new game, but a good way to categorise them is either top down or bottom up. The … Continue reading How to DM IV – Start small

Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Cambria

Hundred of years ago, the world had become a thriving metropolis powered by arcane energies.But of course, arcane energies are chaotic and hard to control. Eventually something went incredibly wrong, and the world was plunged into a dark age. Today, the cityscape is a ruin, with few remaining towers becoming the bustling trade hubs. The … Continue reading Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Cambria

Old Gods versus New Gods

This is an idea I think I've formed for both Ostramarka and the Old West. There should be some form of conflict between worshippers of the Old and the New. In both settings, there's sort of a frontier tension to that too. Ostromarka is about being on the edge of civilisation with only demonic wasteland … Continue reading Old Gods versus New Gods

Back to the Endless Sea

This might be the last of my Endless Sea posts for now. I've more or less established all the facts I need to run a game, except for an adventure. I'd actually be happy to borrow a bit from FATE for that, and maybe have the players put their home port using the location building … Continue reading Back to the Endless Sea

Races of the Ginnungagap

So I've been having a little brainstorm today about the different races of the Ginnungagap that I would allow for players. I know it's a sci-fi setting, so why not Warforged/robots you ask? Well, they're in the setting. But they're the bad guys, agents of the Frost and Fire Giants (bigger robots). I changed up … Continue reading Races of the Ginnungagap

Parts of a City

Over the weekend, I had a non-digital day, turned off all my tech and only used my phone as a cooking timer when I made a very late dinner. I got a LOT of reading done. And I also did some brainstorming.   So, here's a few location ideas I listed for parts and places … Continue reading Parts of a City

City takeover

The other day, I ended up having a scroll through some old blog posts and one caught my eye that I'd completely forgotten about. Since I've written that post, new novels about that hinted-at history have begun rolling out, but I'm ignoring those until I get my hands on a copy!   Anyway, the point … Continue reading City takeover

Solar diversions

Those you you that follow me over on Google+ may have seen a post about the Hakunin Arcology in orbit above Neptune, or some murmurings about sci-fi bouncing around my mind. With that in mind, I may as well tell you that I'm throwing together some ideas for a sci-fi setting for my in-development rules … Continue reading Solar diversions