Solar diversions

Those you you that follow me over on Google+ may have seen a post about the Hakunin Arcology in orbit above Neptune, or some murmurings about sci-fi bouncing around my mind.
With that in mind, I may as well tell you that I’m throwing together some ideas for a sci-fi setting for my in-development rules system, currently labouring under the name DiceBenedict.

I imagine any talk about it will be similar to what I’m doing over on my fantasy setting blog, Kingsmead Chronicler. Trying to be rules-neutral, expanding some examples of how I have the setting flowing in my head, so that anyone could jump in if they wanted to and expand their own little venture.

So what is this setting called? I’ve got no idea. I’ve currently holding it in a documents folder marked ‘Sol’, but I want to expand it a bit more than that.

What is happening? Well, the idea is to showcase a few examples, but a general gist is that humanity has spread out from Earth, and now its coming to terms with being a transplanetary race.
They’ve also brought along a few friends for the ride, in the last century creating sentient life from amongst the cacophony of it on Earth. Reptids, Felins and Ursans all add to the mix, though I haven’t decided if tey class as citizens yet.

Then the standard fare of cybernetics or bionetics, asteroid mining and space trading, piracy and civil disobedience will likely come into it. Dare you cause a riot at the Phobos Penal colony? What if they send in a squad of Ursan peacekeepers, eight feet tall and built to punch the head from your neck?

I know it’s another project beavering away in me, but I figure having a few things lined up for DiceBenedict ASAP is useful in the long run.

One thought on “Solar diversions

  1. Not a bad concept, and I suppose they didn't use gorilas (instead of bears) for fear of the movies about Ape's taking the control of the world 😛

    Maybe a they did lose Deimos to one such revolution.


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