Ginnungagap – Guns and Armour

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about this stuff for years, I must have come up with some ideas for it by now right?



Basic sidearms
A typical sidearm, no fanciness. Many classes and backgrounds will open this proficiency to characters.

Basic longarms
Typical longarms/rifles, again, no fanciness. A few characters will start with it available.

Advanced sidearms
Time to get fancy! Semi- and fully automatic fire and so on. Perhaps modifiable with silencers. Not open to most characters to start, but will appear from advancement over time.

Advanced longarms
Snipers and railguns and flamethrowers, oh my! (I know they’re not the same classes of weapon, humour me for rules alone). Pretty much only available to one class early on, and only a few after advancement.

Stun/flashbangs, high explosives and EMP charges are all covered under this, again only available after advancement.

Asgardian weaponry
Laserswords, plasma pistols and pulse rifles, shock gloves and glue grenades. If you want to use this, you either need technomagic or military training (or a happy DM!)

Advanced modifications
Laser sights and software-assisted aiming, elemental damage rounds and the like all covered under here. Use a bonus action to recalibrate your gun’s firing mode – just like Sylvester Stallone in Judge Dredd!


Basic armour
Does what it says on the tin, has some ability to reduce some ballistics damage. Beware armour piercing rounds!

Advanced armour
Reflec coating to lower damage from laser weaponry, extra reduction from ballistics. Less fear from armour piercing rounds!
Functions the same as normal armour regarding proficiencies, which is nice, but much more expensive, which isn’t so great.

Asgardian armour
Powered armour, bonuses to stats, built in weaponry, etc etc. Beware E- Saving roll vs. EMP!
Requires proficiency, unlocked through advancement in some classes or taken as a feat.

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