Dust – a seed of an idea

Well, for post 201 of this lovely blog, I’m at much of a loss for what to talk about.

Last night, I started brainstorming a new setting that seems it’s probably just a game of Numenera in a desert-y place. I’m calling it Dust at the moment.
I’ve not had a chance to play Numenera but I really like the premise and how the characters get built.

All I have on Dust is that it’s a Dark Sun / Dying Sun / not exactly scifi, not exactly fantasy setting of a place. Possibly the local tesseract is failing, resources are scarce and escape is entirely necessary, and in order to do that, you have to solve a mystery of where and when an escape point will appear?

As I said, not very thought through yet, but that’s with less than 24 hours brainstorming and only a few ideas come together.

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