More Endless Sea

I’ve been thinking more about my high seas D&D idea and I’ve done a bit more reading. Here are some more ideas I have so far –

I was looking into the mythical island of Hybrasil, which was supposed to be off the west coast of Ireland. I ran into the idea of the ‘Elder Isles’, so of course I’m stealing that.

The last of the Elder Isles is Aiaea (which I’ve fiddled the spelling of a bit so I pronounce it how I want to). Aiaea is the home of the witch queen Circe, the demigod that teaching those that seek her out, and various of her apprentices on the island, the ways of magic.
So – all magic users in the setting have spent some time on Aiaea.

I kept digging into sunken cities and found a whole list of names. So, some of these were Elder Isles, or other places that have appeared and disappeared over time – Buyan, Dvaraka, Hybrasil, Sri Vijaya. A few places are more recent and still around. Iram of the Pillars, Kitezh, Lyonesse.

Because the Chinese Treasure Fleet was so massive, and because it all got sunk, I’m saying some of it has appeared on the Endless Sea. I couldn’t find any names for the ships, so I stuck with Baochuan – a truly massive ship that is basically a floating city. Along with a few other associated vessels, it is the only mobile Burh.

Last of all is Ys. Ys is a pretty advanced city, probably now sunk. I think I want a faction to exist across the various different Burh that wears different styles of a mask, so the disparate peoples of Ys are going to be those people. I think they’ll probably have been the closest in power level to the long-vanished Vinatan civilisation, maybe have been descended from them too (or claim to be).

I have a few other names of the different Burh too, but I’m thinking many of them will now be long gone. We’ll see how it pans out – next post should be a refresher on everything so far, with more patched in. Maybe more of a fleshed out idea or two. We’ll see.

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