G is for: Gargants

The great clans on the Gargants once inhabited the mountains of the North and far west, but since the foundation of the Old Crown they have become increasingly common across the plains and forests, and a great many in Queenstown itself.

The Gargants stand at least a head taller than the more numerous races encountered in Queenstown, sometimes two. Both male and female Gargants grow pronounced tusks from their lower jaw following puberty, though in males these are much more pronounced. The tusks replace a second set of lower canines that grow as children.

Gargants as a whole thrive on competition. They enjoy games and athletic events, and will often keep ‘score’ with their friends and family over even minor things, though rarely in a boastful manner, or holding contempt for those with a lower ‘score’.

Gargants cut the hair on their head short, often shaving it off, though they generally allow other hair to grow. They also cover their bodies with fantastic tattooed designs of lines and knots. These designs tell stories of a Gargant’s family and clan as well as their own greater achievements. Similar designs have become popular in Queenstown with many of the other races, though generally these are not permanently tattooed. Henna in varying shades is available, and many wealthier citizens make a habit of wearing it or updating their designs. The nobles of the city are even known to wear designs made with gold and silver paints when seeking to make a statement about their standing.

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