H is for: the Host

The Ascended Host is the pantheon of gods worshipped across the known world. Each of the gods was once a mortal, and through many different methods of apotheosis has transformed, transcended their mortality and Ascended to godhood.

The individual members of the Host do not have a purview over certain facets of life. There is no god of fertility, of war, of death. The gods have affinities, interests and methods, and goals. Often, these goals and interests come into conflict with other members of the Host, but just as often interests can me mutual.

Members of the Host include:

The Black Lady, a guardian of the newly dead who wages a constant war against the Fiend on the borders of the Deadrealms.

The Fiend, a usurper to the power of a previous guardian of the dead (among several other lesser gods), who unleashed the Undeath Curse upon the world in a bid for even greater power.

The Storm, a master of all that is magikal, who created a great ritual that destroyed the continent of Istan in return for his ascension. Many of their twisted creations inhabit the darker corners of the world, ready to undertake any task given.

The Keeper of Dreams, a patron to those who keep watch in the night. Those who take Oaths in his name often take a vow of silence and work to protect the world from… something.

The Crones, a pair of twins and secret keepers, who once were lovely young maidens with untold knowledge but who wasted away when the Whisperer and the Scholar gave all their secrets away.

The Masque, patron to thieves and assassins, but also to revellers of all kinds. He is often invoked by those needing just an edge of luck in their endeavours and during naming celebrations of young children for luck in their lives.

The Traveller, who constantly crosses the world seeking its edge. She is a patron of trade, hospitality and language, and prayers at sea are said as much to her as to the spirits swirling about the waters or stormy clouds.

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