RPGaDay 2020 prompt 21 – Push

I’m debating adding some push and pull roleplaying mechanics into D&D. I’ve talked a bit about this kind of thing before, but I think I can actually make it work this time.

Pretty easy really – I want to give players the option of an Inspiration system that takes a cue from FATE points, so playing up to Bonds and Flaws and Ideals actually gets you something – because, let’s face it, alignment is pretty much a dead end for that kind of thing.

Now I need to work on the how – do I give an Inspiration pool? Give it to individuals or the entire party at once? Will this mean I have to keep a crib sheet on everyone’s Ideals and Flaws?
And will I have to explain FATE and get people to write their own, rather than letting them roll for them at random if they want? (Because some of them really aren’t great).

I just want to try it out, see if I can get some better roleplaying out of people.

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