Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 12


I spoke on prompt 1 before about RPGs and my school friends.

A lot of my close friends come through RPGs.
In school, I formed a group of friends around them (sort of a subset of the social outcast group we were all a part of).
In university, the first club I signed up for was roleplaying – I sort them out with a map of the stands. I knew they’d be my people. This was when I started to branch out a bit, playing Legend of the Five Rings (see some fiction of my first session here) but still mostly D&D or d20 games.
I ended up running the society for a year, and on the committee for a while longer. I lived with some, and I still keep in touch with many (even if it’s just via Facebook).

My friendship group post-university was full of roleplayers and various other nerds, so I kept dipping back to the same well.
At the end of university and for a few years afterwards is where my Vampire and FATE days sit – the home of Dresden Files and Sands of FATE, and a spell as the Caitiff Sheriff of Edinburgh amongst others. I bought a lot of books for Mage the Ascension at the time too.

When I ended up emigrating, I latched on to a group of school friends who wanted to play some D&D. We played through Phandelver and I ran some Legend of the Five Rings for them too. We ended up on Innistrad right before I moved again.

Then I came to Cork and joined another big group. I played weekly with various people. I ran the Endless Sea and played in Planescape, and during lockdown I’ve been playing a Midgard game via Zoom and Roll20.

I doubt I won’t make any more friends through roleplaying. I’ve yet to see how it would fail.

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