Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 13


OK, so I’m terrible at writing mysteries in adventures. I either write them in such a way that only I get them, or they’re really obvious.

I have yet to find a happy middle ground.

I do, however, love to play a good mystery game. Missing persons, kidnapped persons, treasure hunts with various clues, all are great.

In the past, I’ve been stingy with clues or not planned ahead enough, or thrown a red herring in there to mess things up.
So my plan going forward is to take pointers from Gumshoe.
Basically, I need to sit down and read an investigation-based game system and see what I can learn, how I should build, and what I can forget about.

I think I’d want to use it for a dungeon exploration or a tomb, but I might also go for using it for my Saurial Return idea for Planescape – why are the Saurials appearing in greater numbers, where are they coming from… and what are they running from (I think those are going to be my main mysteries).
Possibly with an addition of ‘where did they go/what the Hells have they been up to?!’

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