R is for: Raethmoor

Raethmoor is the northernmost settlement in the Old Crown, commanding a pass through the northern mountains. It has a reputation for the mystical, thanks in large part to the Arcanist Scholarium that dominates the southern half of the town.

Raethmoor is built in and around the remains of a large, ancient complex of structures, believed to have been constructed by the legendary Oon.
The ruins were damaged by time in some places but not in others, and some appeared to have been purposefully broken apart, although the strength of the Oon building techniques leaves the method of damage beyond Mortal minds.

The largest part of the ancient Oon structure became the Scholarium, which attracts arcanists from both the Old Crown and the Republic to the north.
The largest school of magik in the Old Crown, it boasts a vast library of mundane scholarship alongside its magikal works, bringing the children of many noble families to study here, even without magikal ability.
Courses in politics, philosophy and languages are popular with all students, with some also excelling in historical military tactics and medicine.

The other main structure of Raethmoor is Avarum’s Keep, the ancient fortress of the last Moorish king before the exile of his people beyond the mountains.
Most of the keep has fallen into disrepair, though Oathed of the Black Order have begun to refortify a base of operations within the castle compound.

The proximity to the northern border also brings trade and militia.
Merchants passing through in either direction can expect to have their wares inspected by the Raethmoor Regulars. Reporting to the Lord Protector himself, they maintain the border guard and a large barracks near the site of Avarum’s Keep.
The smaller militia unit, the Raethmoor Irregulars, we’re raised and are maintained by the Lady Raethmoor. The Irregulars includes several soldiers with magikal ability, and often takes on wandering mercenaries as new recruits.

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