P is for: Peppertown

Peppertown is a young trading post, quickly becoming the capital of trade for the Spice Islands.

Mercantile interests from the Old Crown, the City of Festivals and Istan have all begun to move into the Spice Islands in the last few decades, eager to profit from the island chain’s abundant wildlife, and above all the spices.

Peppertown itself was founded by a group of noble households from Queenstown primarily with an interest I shipping the spices to the highest bidders. It sits along a thin strip of coast between white beaches, rocky promontories and the thick rainforest common to all the islands, though some of the nearby land has been claimed by farmers to grow crops and fruit groves.
On the opposite shores sit the villages of the local populations if the Hanu, furred people of average height, unique for also having tails and feet almost identical to their hands. They have a long and peaceful history, and began openly trading with settlers as soon as they landed.
Many view this trade as incredibly exploitative of the Hanu, and there have been times when the relationship was incredibly fraught.

Other settlements in the Spice Islands include the Spindles, Gardre’s Fall and Spinnaker. These smaller trading posts tend to send their goods on to Peppertown before they are sent elsewhere.

The abundance of new shipping in the area has attracted pirates, and the merchants that manage Peppertown have begun to take increasing harsh retribution against all acts if piracy nearby.

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