O is for: Oathed

Those who dedicate their lives to one of the Ascended Host make a lasting pact with their chosen patron, becoming Oathed in their service.

Swearing of bonds and oaths is a central part of the society of the Old Crown and across the known world since the days of the Lizardfolk Empire. Warriors would swear oaths to the Golden Warlord and his generals, and those that proved their worth to him would be granted some magikal abilities to better empower their servitude.
These books of the Oathed are among their greatest assets, though they also gain greatly from the Taruqah that many serve on also. The Taruqah are dedicated to up to a handful of the Ascended Host, and work to promote the goals of all their patrons. Individual Oathed within the orders are still only sworn to the service of one god, but in this way are often surrounded by worshippers of others.

Oathed that live outside the orders are also common. The Oathed of the Traveller only rarely band together into a Taruqah, instead embracing their wanderlust as individuals. Other gods may give individual tasks to their Oathed, and so these agents only make use of contacts in allied orders or joining them temporarily for mutual benefit.

Oathed are part priest, part warrior and part scholar. How much of them is in each part depends heavily on their Ascended patron, the character of the Oathed themselves or the task that an Ascended may have set.
Whilst many priests are not Oathed, all Oathed are generally viewed as priests (though some may chafe at the role).

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