L is for: Lizardfolk

Bred to be the enforcers of the will of the Oon, the Lizardfolk once ruled over the largest empire of the known world.

The Lizardfolk are perhaps the most ancient of the races if the world, legends saying that the Oon brought their enforcers with them from wherever they came, rather than creating them after their arrival. 
Interestingly, legends also make no distinction between the Goldscales and Goldscales.

The Lizardfolk Empire once ruled over a huge area, far to the southwest of the Old Crown. They conquered large areas of land, and held several territories that surrendered peacefully before the oncoming armies. The Kingdoms of Istan and the Wick Holdings were two such vassal.
The Empire had an ascended patron, the Golden Warlord, who ruled over the militocracy and its council of generals.
Under the aegis of the Golden Warlord, Goldscales came to dominate Lizardfolk society, with the Greyscales at first subordinate, but eventually little better than slaves.
The Greyscale hero now known as the Unfettered tipped the balance by ousting the Golden Warlord in an uprising that ultimately toppled the Empire itself.

Lizardfolk share many of the same qualities, though there are some differences between the Greys and the Golds.
Goldscales are of average height to most races, perhaps slightly taller. Their skin is thick and scaly, with thick pronounced ridges across the shoulders and frills behind the jaw line beneath the ears. Their name comes from the fact their scales tend to be more brilliant than their Grey cousins, in brighter shades and frequently mottled with metallic patterns.
Greyscales by comparison tend to be slightly under average height, with thinner, softer skin. They lack the pronounced ridges on their shoulders, though the scales are usually larger and thicker there. The frills behind the jaw are also less pronounced, though the ears are frequently larger than the Golds’. The Greyscales get their name from the darker, flatter tones to their skin, which is only rarely mottled with varying colours.

Greyscale and Goldscales can breed with few complications. The clutch of young is usually fewer, and will all be born Greys. They will however be tall, have notably mottled skin tones, some rare few even flecked with metallic scales.

The Lizardfolk are uniformly proud of their ancestry. The old Empire valued martial ability and a strong sense of personal honour and value, and their descendants maintain these values. Many Lizardfolk can be found in the Utari militias and the Wardens, as well as Oathed dedicated to the Unfettered, now worshipped across the known world as a champion of justice.

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