Things to know:

My campaign setting for the FATE roleplaying game, the Old Crown, will be published through Occult Moon sometime in the new year.

I’m currently working my way through the thing, rewriting a bunch as I go. I’m about to finish the third chapter, and then I have five and change to finish.

I’m currently (f)unemployed, so I’m managing to get through it OK. I’ve pulled the third chapter together in about two weeks, which isn’t amazing, but with an ongoing hunt for jobs too that’s not so bad.
Plus cleaning the house. Lots of that going on now.

I’ve got the History and Races chapters down, with Organisations ready to go in short order. Next, Gods.
I’ve got a few tweaks to the default skill list done, added in reputation with the organisations in a way that I think works, and fiddled a debt mechanic too. Those need some more testing, but I’ve run one session so far with my group that went well enough. More to come there!

After that, I’m tightening up the Magick system and flavour (look, it’s spelt with a K!), and then the Geography is less rules-y so I should be able to get through it a bit quicker.
I’m still debating how to handle the example locations, but I’m thinking a quick rundown similar to Occult Moon’s Toys from the Sandbox series.

Bad Guys, GM ideas and polishing my intro are last on the list.

I started playing with tumblr but didn’t really jump into it. If anyone has any useful hints and tips, please send them my way!

I’m going to try and throw some more blogs up too. I’ve got some ideas kicking around that I want to vent before I forget them, and they’re nothing to do with what I’m working on right now.


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