A moment of inspiration

Inspired by my recent move to Crunchbang Linux, I’ve decided to refresh my blogging completely.

This right here will be a blog about stuff. Lots of stuff.
From messing around in Linux to messing around in RPGs to messing around with creative writing, that’s what I’ll be throwing down here.

My old blog, Loca Imaginaria, is dead. Long live the new blog!

So, what have I been up to in Crunchbang so far?
I’ve fiddle my Conky around so that it displays filesystems and space on disks and stuff like that.
I’ve fiddled by tint2 panel to add a launcher and change the clock to display the date.
I’ve installed IceDove instead of just the Gmail web interface, which I’ve never done since signing up to Gmail back in 2004.

And in RPG land?
I’ve been steadily writing my FATE setting, grappling with a wedge of different things that need to go in, but also trying to work out what’s about to get pulled for various reasons.
I’ve decided I lacked a bit of focus before, and tried to throw up this massive canvas with loads of ideas on it. Now I’m trying to pull down tighter and look just at one major city, what it’s like, how it works, and hint at the world around it.
I did an AMA on Reddit a while back, with a few results that’ll get added in to fluff. I’m debating doing another on Google+, but that’s had limited success in the past.

I’ve just finished up a radio production course at my local training centre. I know I passed, but I’ve no idea of the grade yet. I was initially really interested, but it kind of dragged on and left me feeling like it wasn’t really for me by the end.
I can see how the skills would cross to podcasts easily, so I’ve always got that on my mind now.

We’ll see how that all turns out.

Right, that’s me signing off for now!

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