Writing courses, Linux courses

I've decided to sign up to the Writing 201 course over at the Daily Post. It's focussed mostly on editing from what I can see, but there's some workshopping in there too. I'm debating working my way through Writing 101 as well, starting this weekend. I should be packing for the move, but I'm sure … Continue reading Writing courses, Linux courses


Well I just missed four goals in the world cup from going to do the washing up. More fool me, right?So here's the happenings recently:I've been putting some work in on my setting. Pretty happy with how magic is forming, but I really need to sit down and get the section on the Ascended/gods done. … Continue reading Happenings

A moment of inspiration

Inspired by my recent move to Crunchbang Linux, I've decided to refresh my blogging completely.This right here will be a blog about stuff. Lots of stuff.From messing around in Linux to messing around in RPGs to messing around with creative writing, that's what I'll be throwing down here.My old blog, Loca Imaginaria, is dead. Long … Continue reading A moment of inspiration

Condensing my blogs

OK, I'm trying to be determined to be good and actually get back into the habit of blogging again. Of course, having a regular connection to the internet would help, as would Blogger not crashing my phone when I try and write something. But I've been feeling ill and sorry for myself today, despite it … Continue reading Condensing my blogs