Condensing my blogs

OK, I’m trying to be determined to be good and actually get back into the habit of blogging again.

Of course, having a regular connection to the internet would help, as would Blogger not crashing my phone when I try and write something.
But I’ve been feeling ill and sorry for myself today, despite it being bright sunshine out here by the seaside, so I feel I should do something vaguely productive with myself.

And it means I can put off packing, because I’m moving into a new place next week.

So, here’s the current state of play:
I’m thinking of collapsing down my blogs to just this feed. The Kingsmead Chronicler was fine as a starting point for my setting creation, and sharing with the world about it, but I feel like I could throw up the posts here just as easily.
And factoring in the scope of the setting now, the push away from the town to the bigger population centres and neighbouring/competing nations, I feel I could probably ditch the focus on Kingsmead itself.
Things in the setting that are done:
RACES – done.
GODS – done, or at least at the point where there’s only minor fiddling. Relationships between the Ascended could do with a little fleshing, and a couple of them need a tweak or two.
GEOGRAPHY – done for the most part. Needs some bits adding to a couple of areas, and then dropping details across from my custom wiki to the written document. I need to add in some stuff about crime and punishment here, and maybe some of the hobbies and stuff – cockfighting, falconry, drakery. That sort of thing.
EXAMPLE AREAS – needs a bunch of work, and I keep putting it off in favour of cooler bits and pieces. Terrible of me I know, but a large chunk of this is in a wiki document and just needs porting and tidying – notable NPCs, adventure and character hooks, all that jazz.
FACTIONS – the various players, guilds, foreign agents and so forth are done, but need some more details adding. Again, a lot of this is written but not in the one place.
BESTIARY – needs a lot of things adding, but I have an idea of what’s going in and what needs fixing.
MAGIC – done, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.
FICTION – a few snippets need writing, and I’ve managed to start one for the Ascended, fleshing out the Beggar’s arrival at godhood. Needs work, but I have the thing planned out.

I also need to work out what I’m doing with rules conversions. I know I can do a conversion for FATE Core by fitting the magic rules to the setting. If I want to write a conversion for other fantasy games (and here I’m thinking D&D and Pathfinder etc.) then things get a bit more hairy, but still manageable.
I need to sit down and have a read through of the AGE rules, but I think they’d work OK from what I’ve seen (and how it was handled with the Midgard setting from Kobold Press).

I have a feeling I’ll be throwing up little snippets from what I’ve got so far, see what people think of it, whet the whistle and all that.

Other news:

I’ve finally installed Ubuntu and I’m having a play around with that. Need to actually sit down and see how it works, so far I’ve done very little with it at all, but it is a joy to use just for speed. I didn’t realise how slow Windows had gotten.

I need to set aside part of my time just to writing, since I seem to have fallen into the habit of doing something every few weekends. This must be fixed!

I want to get this done because I have a few other things stewing in my subconscious that I want to get written down. I have a very tentative idea so far titled PolyAlbion. We’ll see where that goes, and how well I avoid a Captain Britain rip-off!

And that’s that.

Incidentally, what’s going on with my blog traffic suddenly spiking whilst I’m not doing anything? Really strange!

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