Missing, presumed fine

I’ve been inspired to get back to publicly writing today. I imagine that the passing of Jack Vance had something to do with that.

Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t in fact dropped off the planet. I instead disappeared into darkest, wildest Ireland.
I haven’t had easy internet access, but I have managed to keep myself vaguely sane with writing. Once I finish it to my satisfaction, I’ve a short story to throw up here about downloaded and clone consciousnesses (very transhuman-y image sure).
I’ve been powering on with my fantasy setting too, so some snippets from that should make an appearance too.
As it stands, image mostly bound to my smartphone at the moment. If I can, I’ll write a proper post up here soon.

What else I’ve been doing:
I’m very much enjoying reading through the new FATE core rules, so they shall get a little discussion.
Reading Ian Mortimer’s guides for time travellers. They’ve definitely helped me think about new parts of my setting that I hadn’t detailed.
Enjoying the sunshine.

More to come soon!

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