Missing due to emigration

I’ve been out of the loop for a while. Terrible I know, but I was a bit busy emigrating to Ireland.
I’m still technically without internet, but I can obviously borrow it occasionally. So, what’s going on with me recently?

It looks like someone out there keeps checking back on this page every few days. That, or my posts are being read at random. I’m fine with either.

I’ve been looking again at my 1001 Nights-inspired setting again. It was made for a FATE game, and no doubt I’ll have a fiddle with it with the new version of FATE Core, but I think I’m going to have a look at how to fit it to other systems too. D&D is probably pretty likely.

I had a couple of ideas for a setting where the Moon has conquered and slain the Sun itself, so that the world exists in a constant night. Everything else is sort of normal, because magic.
More on that soon. There’s also some miles-high towers of precious stone too. I need to work that out properly really.

I’ve been reading through Burning Wheel. I really like the system, although I’m now at the stage where I think it’s getting more complicated. But I can see a good few games that I would love to run or play in that system.

My biggest problem at the moment is going to be finding players and games. According to any sources I can find, there just aren’t any hereabouts. The local game shop closed down December 2011, there just doesn’t seem to be demand for anything like it.
I have a couple of people I might be able to persuade into it, apparently. However, I’ve not actually met either of them. The next closest person that would definitely be interested lives roughly an hour away.
Ah well.

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