Setting as yet unrevealed

I’ve been working on a blog post for a while about the sci-fi setting I have in my head. Unfortunately, it gives away far too much about the setting because it says which novel series I’m ripping off. And then the players would be able to research things. (Though I have some suspicions right now that one person may know exactly what’s going on. She’s Scottish, the setting is Scotland, the novelist is Scottish…)

So here’s the basics. Near future Edinburgh. The PCs are somehow involved with a murder in London the day before. The man murdered was a European Security Bureau intelligence officer. He was shot in the back whilst consorting with a prostitute. The culprit is tracked to Edinburgh, and the city has a little security alert.
Then stuff really goes wrong.
The prostitute was actually a member of the English Resistance against socialist European rule, although she’s not connected with the gunman. And the ESB lieutenant had just handed over some very interesting documents that will change the world…

If I keep writing, I’ll give away too much too quickly. Don’t want that to happen!

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