To-do list

In the spirit of the New Year, New Game idea that was going around last month, I’ve begun to compile a list of different things I wanted to play or run this year. New things that I’ve not really gotten to before.

The Babylon 5 RPG, because I’ve wanted to for years and never gotten around to it.
Mage: The Ascension, because I keep telling myself I’ll finally get to play it and it doesn’t happen.
Legend of the 5 Rings, 4th Edition (I’ve run 1st ed. plenty of times, but I want to see how it’s evolved).
Feng Shui, because who doesn’t love a game that covers wuxia in the past, present and future?
Alternity, because I finally understand the rules.
Traveller, because I finally own the rules.
Spirit of the Century, because I love the setting and the FATE system in general.
Scion, because I want to actually use the books I’ve spent money on.

Busy year, right? And that’s discounting most of the rules I only have electronically. I’ll keep you informed of what goes on, and how much I get to do.

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