Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 22


So, somewhat ironically, I’m at a bit of a loss for what to write on this one.
I very much have something to write that fits the topic, but I’m saving it for the last prompt.

So, what to do?

I don’t usually plan for encounters to be lost. I’ve thought about doing it exactly once, that I can remember, for an adventure in Cambria.
I’ve just picked up the Ghostwalk setting and really wanted to use it somehow, so I came up with the device of a crashing airship.

The party are all travelling from Elfholme to the Capital (I think it was the Capital anyway, this was around 2005/6). They have to cross over a mountain range. At some point whilst crossing, the airship sirens blare, and it looks like everything is going to go down.

The party come across the saboteur in the chaos, but they’re too late. They can engage in combat or not, but the airship crashes into a mountain.
And then they wake up.

Basically, run a couple of adventures in Ghostwalk, with an eventual end of a wish or something that lets them ‘Quantum Leap’ back into the moments before the crash.
They know who the saboteur is, they know what’s going on, they can prevent it.
But can’t ever explain how.

I was even going to allow them to use the new classes in Ghostwalk, since they’d get a level. When they jump back, they get to revert that level to whatever they like, but potentially there’s some leftover spookiness in them.

There’s a combat encounter to be lost in A Boy and his Modron as well (spoiler alert). I’d probably leave that in, but I think you can probably talk your way through it, realistically.
Unless I read it wrong, it’s possible that you’re just losing really badly and it stops.

I’ll have to reread it if I run it.

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