Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 15


Well this one is going to be an easier one to write.

Whilst I’m taking time off from my general projects to focus on these writing prompts, I am keeping up with a few of them.
And one of those is Planescape.

Sigil, City of Doors, is a fun thing to focus on. I’ve added a few sources of inspiration to my materials page if you haven’t seen that already.
The main thing I want to focus on here is that Sigil, and Sigilians, can go anywhere via portal, and portals are always in some kind of opening.

Surely, in that case, the most important openings are grand and elaborate – it’s how they work in the Outlands with the Gate Towns. I’m sure there are probably a handful of stable portals in Sigil (or what you can call stable as these things go) that must be attached to normal doorways – that go to the Gate Towns, or the larger Planar cities like the City of Brass or the City of Glass (in the Plane of Water, if you haven’t used it) or Dis in Baator.

If there are any stable portals to Primes (which I don’t think there really should be), we’re probably looking at Waterdeep, Zobeck, Ptolus, Ravnica, places that are the trade hubs and metropoli of their world.

Normal portals should be entered through any opening – I think a barrel is one example I’ve seen, and of course trapdoors and such are used.
But doors mean that things can go both ways, that’s the nature of doors. So I’ll be running a handful that work that way.

Now, if anyone has read The Authority, they’ll also know that if I ever run Spelljammer, or a Spelljammer/Planescape hybrid, then my game is going to be a bit more interesting.

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