Thinking about a return to the Old Crown

I keep telling myself to work more on the Old Crown. It’s been slowly evolving for years, and it still feels like it needs work, but who has the time?

Most recently I’ve been thinking about the politics of the setting. I’d centred the idea of the government around a Senate of old landed gentry, but I was reading up on various governments and found some fun things I’d like to throw in.

So, I think I’ve decided to throw out the Senate, at least as a name. Instead, I’m going to call it the House of Keys, though it’s basically unchanged.

After that, I’m also going to have some more unofficial councils, or perhaps ones that the Keyholders and Lord Protector call on if needed.

The Council of Prelates is made up of the heads of the various Oathed Orders in Queenstown when they choose to meet. In theory, a meeting wouldn’t have to include all the Prelates, and even giving them that name for the rank is misleading as there is no system by which all the Orders work.

The Arcanists have formed their own groupings, normally called a Colloquium. Whilst there are small and large colloquia, The Colloquium refers to the council of the most powerful mages in the realm.

Finally, the various Jurats and their juniors have collected themselves together into organisations named after their lodgings, the Inns of Chancery and Courts, such as the Templars Inn and the Redside. Here they are both schooled and open for business, should anyone need the services of a Jurat or Arbitrator or Advocate – generally someone in the Noble Households.

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