Loge Lost in the Lady’s Ward

So, due to our might, sensational (and completely unexpected) magical abilities, the thieves bursting into Hieron Lawgiver’s office were defeated!

We captured, their leader, Jezrene, and managed to search most of the bodies whilst we questioned her. Loge pocketed some nice components from her pouch.
She’d been sent by the Shadow Council to collect Hieron’s debts. Seems the guy is a bit of a gambler, and probably a lot of other things besides.

He hired us all on the spot as his bodyguards and quickly drew up some paperwork whilst the guards were on their way. Jezrene was let go, for now, though when they arrived she was reported to the guards for attacking an office in the city hall, and almost damaging official records.

After all, what else could she possibly want?

We escorted Hieron to his house. He wanted to go to the pub, but we found out he had some money stashed away, as well as some magic items to sell to further pay us for our services – in that we saved his life.
On the way, there was some commotion in the town square. Loge snuck off and saw an army of Modrons marching out of their planar gate to Mechanus, and beginning their long walk of the Outlands.

Unfortunately, this was causing something of a commotion, as they, being Modrons, are entirely predictable, and yet somehow still almost a century too early in their march.

We ignored it and pressed on, though Hieron was pretty aghast when he found out the news.
We managed to recover his money, split it between us, and take him far away through the portal to Sigil.

Now, it’s not even been a full day, so our antidote to whatever the Nine Hells is wrong with the barmy planar beasties isn’t ready yet. And we still have nowhere new to stay, as the Bard’s head servant hasn’t had time to find us new lodgings.
I let the gang go off in search of her in the Lady’s Ward, whilst I took a shapeshifted Druid back with me to the Yawning Rat.
The Githzerai novice was decidedly worse for wear, having been offered various brews by the locals. I sorted them out with a room and then tried to find someone else to guard it – a half-orc mercenary fit the bill nicely.

I wandered off again into the city, heading for the Lady’s Ward to try and find my friends or the servant.
They, on the other hand, had gotten tired of wandering and headed back to the Yawning Rat.

Asking around, I managed to find out she’d gone into the Gilead Estate some time ago, and not returned. I waited by the gate.
I waited all night bloody long, in the end.

The others stayed at the bar, and in the morning found a box had been delivered and stowed behind the bar.
Call’s of ‘What’s in the Box?!’ weren’t as funny when it turned out to be the servant’s severed head, and a note reading’You’re Next’. Sounded like a Duergar had delivered it.

Uh oh!

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