Further Adventures of Loge and the Antmen part 2

Ok, second session down. Here’s what happened –

At the end of the last game, most people had fled leaving myself and the druid, and the druid was down.
We redrew the map on the board edge and it turned out people hadn’t quite fled off the new one yet, so maybe there was some chance of survival.

I’d spent the time between games mulling over what to do. I was pretty sure I’d need to save the druid and then yield, hopefully surviving.
And I got to go first.
I dodged a spear thrust and saved the druid by pouring my only healing potion down her gullet, then hid behind a shield. It didn’t look good.

As the Formians closed in around Loge, he took a psychic smack to the head from K’Crit, and fell unconscious. I rolled a 1 on my death save next turn and it didn’t look great, it took a healing potion from the druid to save me… after shapeshifting into a frog and trying to carry me to safety, but getting pummeled themself in the process!

K’Crit finally took a hit from a couple of spells and arrows, and suddenly instead of an imposing Formian, we had a psychic Duegar in his place.
Seems something was very very amiss, and the Formians were left pretty confused by everything.

Luckily our brave adventuring team, honed from exactly hours of knowing each other, was able to step in!
We managed to take out the Duegar, even when he was temporarily invisible, and then tie him up and question him.

Someone hired a mercenary group from Sigil to destabilise the Formians in Arcadia, but we don’t know why (and Duegar is too low-level in the organisation to even know who). Looks like we’re investigating further!
I had a quick chat with the devil being tortured by the Formians, if only to make sure he was a slave trader and therefore not worth my time. He was, I didn’t set him free, but the party pulled a few strings and did. Now we have a contact in Ribcage in the Outlands, willing to pay to find out who had him trapped and tortured.
Our Halfling semi-companion was a bit less willing to reward our help, but maybe we’ll get something out of a town called… Eadluuf? I think that was the spelling?

We headed back to Sigil, and brought a Formian along. Back on the Infinite Staircase, I found a talking tax ledger next to the body of a courier. He’d been got by a red Slaad. Our contact on the Staircase, a lilend, said this was happening more often. Uh-oh.

Back in Sigil, we started combing for information, starting with the alchemist who keeps selling us the healing potions. Seems that the Formians were being poisoned by some kind of nasty alchemical enchantment spell goop, so maybe he can help us find an antidote.

Now we get to level up! Yay!
I’m also on the lookout for some portal keys, and I’m planning on scouring the Great Market for a look. The book wants to go to Automata, so I’m keeping that in mind.

We’ve got to go into the Hive to find the Chainblades, or whatever they called themselves. So that’s the plan next session too.

So that’s the next session planned.

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