Further Adventures of Loge and the Antmen part 1

This will be a two parter since I’ve played one more game as I write these words, but will have played two before the end of the week.

So, the first game since the last post about Loge was mostly focused on combat – resolving the Formians heading up the tunnel towards us and then going further into the nest/city.

When we last left Loge, he was at the front of combat as everyone else had run away down the tunnel to prepare an ambush.
Loge wanted to try and make peace.

So, the first action was to say ‘Hey, we yield, we’re here to help, I don’t want to hurt you any more.’
Loge was immediately stabbed.
The stabbing Formian was immediately engulfed in flames.

Then the combat got tricky because a more powerful soldier-type showed up, with some nasty fear effects on his psychic attacks.
Though we eventually beat him, and most of his buddies. We managed to befriend the last Formian and impress that we were sent to help. He led us down to someone called ‘Crit’ who would ‘know what to do’.
He wasn’t the most talkative guy.

We passed by a tunnel from which emanated angry snarling sounds, mostly in Infernal. I don’t speak Infernal, but I know a few of the swear words, and he definitely wasn’t happy whatever was going on.
The party knows there’s a devil of some description around, acting as a trade envoy from the Outlands. Pretty safe bet that’s who we heard.

Cue K’Crit – a Myrmach, or some kind of leader. He seemed unhappy that one of his people had led us to him, and then he, a bunch more soldiers and two of the nasty psychic fear leaders all attacked.
We had a sort of chokepoint in a doorway that didn’t hold too well, and most of the party retreated.

I say most – Loge is right on the front line, near an unconscious and dying druid, and will probably have to yield to survive.
Luckily, I can definitely promise to tell them all I know!

Let’s see how the next session goes…

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