Inspired by this picture, I’ve been thinking recently about the idea of children’s toys invading dreams to keep the children safe. A friend gave it the name Psychopomp, I assume in the Jungian sense since I didn’t intend for death to be a central element.

So far, the ideas revolve around the spiritually imbued toys of orphans, protecting them from the nasty nightmares that patrol the night time hallways. Presumably an old Indian burial ground or nasty cult or something goes on in the past causing them. Perhaps it’s due to the sad children and concentration of them, who knows.

So far, I figure either having the nightmares led by someone called Mr Fierce is important, and that perhaps the orphanage is run by the Orphian order of priests/nuns, or the Orphian society would be good. Then I thought maybe a kindly janitor called Gabriel is helping the kids out, but in my head he’s Cab Calloway from the Blues Brothers.

I can sort of see the d12 system in my head working well, since I’ve finally worked out what rolling a double would do.
I need to think about how the characters themselves would work. It’s likely to be a cross between Toy Story and the Midnight Patrol in how it comes together.

Any ideas to contribute?

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