So, currently, I won’t be releasing a new adventure in November. I’m currently hoping to get everything together for The Hall of the Red Earl to have it ready in December.

Between my birthday, seeing my parents for the first time in almost two years, and having a lot of late toddler bedtimes, building time to write has been difficult.
I have however managed to grab all of the layout elements and stock art that I want to include, so that’s good. All of the custom monsters have been finished writing also, I just need to transfer them into the layout.

It’s the middle of the adventure that’s slowed me down so far.
I think I can easily build it as a random encounter table, but I wanted to do more and have something happen there, but it’s going to be during travel and I’m not sure it’s really needed.
I also wanted to try and build more options for combat encounters into the adventure, much light in Wild Beyond the Witchlight, but I think the focus on a classic red dragon adventure has sort of hampered my creativity there.

Maybe if it hits a copper bestseller level, I can add an encounter in?

Anyway, stay tuned for the actual release, I’m hoping this side of Christmas (and if not, I suppose I have my utility tattoo idea to fall back on, still not reached layout!).

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