Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest IXb – Warlord again

Much like with the ranger playtest previously, the warlord also gets an immediate variant. This time it didn’t feel like it was to shoehorn in mechanics for using magic, instead we’ve got a tiny change and some more explanations of how stuff works.

At level 3 there’s a new ability called Mark Foe. Bonus action to give allies that can hear you an expertise die on attacks against a target in 30 feet.
Seems simple enough.

There’s also explanations of the followers and stronghold mechanics.
Followers are NPCs that give an ability once per long rest. Otherwise they’re invisible.
Strongholds grant renown, followers and special abilities, similar to some feats.

And that’s all the changes between the playtest documents.
I like the ability, but it feels like they should have explained followers and strongholds with the initial release. Again, feels like an obvious thing got missed.

No real change to how I feel about warlords though.

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